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In the sales and marketing world, there is no shortage of amateur psychologists offering dubious insights and counsel. I am not one of them.

I’m a clinical psychologist turned marketer, speaker, coach, and consultant. I’ve been a leading expert in consumer psychology and buying behavior for more than two decades.

I help companies to attract more customers, motivate them to buy, and keep them coming back, using real-world psychology.

The better you’re able to think like your customers, the more effectively you will engage with them, and the more you will sell.

I have interviewed, observed, shopped-along, and profiled thousands of shoppers
to uncover the secrets of their purchase decisions and buying behavior.
Let’s put my expertise to work for you!

Large or small, new or established, retailer, brand, product, or service – I am committed to helping you develop a customer-centric approach to sales and marketing that will unlock your business’s potential .

You can trust The Way of the Buycologist.


A unique and powerful perspective

I literally grew up in retail.

I first learned the ropes in my family’s small-town furniture store, where I helped with sales, marketing, merchandising, deliveries, cleaning bathrooms, and just about every other job there is. My hard-working parents were the first to teach me the importance of trust, empathy, and adapting to customers’ needs as the basis for successful retail.

After completing my doctorate in psychology and working in the mental health field, I finally decided to pursue my passion for retail. I took all I had learned and began charting my own unique path, applying my expertise to real-world sales and marketing. As a result, I know the importance of insights, strategies, and skills that are not just smart, but also useful and actionable.

Through training, coaching, workshops, and consulting, I have helped many of the world’s most admired companies grow by thinking like their customers to engage more effectively and sell with integrity.

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“AN INSIGHT is only as smart as it is .”

“True innovation is always a gamble. The better you think like a customer, the better your odds of .”

– Dr. Chris Gray, The Buycologist

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