Gen Z is helping to revitalize in-person shopping, survey finds

A recent study confirms that reports of retail’s demise are premature. As I’ve said for decades, in-person shopping fulfills much greater human needs than simply acquiring more stuff, including interpersonal connections, sensory engagement, stress relief, entertainment, and a sense of community. While online shopping provides many benefits, it simply cannot fulfill these deeply felt human needs to the same degree as real-world shopping experiences.

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How to Influence Behavior Without Feeling Gross

Influencing the behavior of others (e.g., consumers’ purchase behavior) is often very challenging, but it doesn’t have to be manipulative or feel gross to be effective. In this insight-driven conversation with Tracy Wilson, Chris discusses the psychology of influencing others and provides …

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Dr. Chris in Forbes: Why Retail Therapy Is So Therapeutic

They don’t call it retail therapy for nothing! I spoke with Pamela Danziger, Senior Contributor at Forbes, about a new Deloitte study that found nearly 80% of consumers made at least one splurge purchase in the last month and that men splurge as much as women, spending about 40% more when they do. 

As I share in the article:

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Dr. Chris on Jagged With Jasravee Podcast

Do goldfish really have longer attention spans than today’s consumers? Can face scans really recognize consumers’ emotional states? What secret talent makes me a hit at kids’ parties? Learn the answers to these and other fascinating questions by checking out this very fun conversation with Jasravee Kaur Chandra 

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