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See Why Audiences Are Psyched About The Buycologist.


Many marketers talk about psychology, but Dr. Chris has the training, background, and experience to make it work for you.

Whether speaking, training, or consulting, Chris prides himself on leaving audiences with insights, perspectives, and tools they can apply to their day-to-day lives. From day one, he works closely with clients to understand their needs and desired outcomes before carefully tailoring a program that will enlighten, empower, and entertain their specific groups.

Adding Value On & Off The Stage

Truly transformative speakers focus on generating results that extend beyond the stage. That’s why Chris is laser-focused on helping audiences THINK and ENGAGE differently to create lasting success. He offers follow-up sessions and ongoing training and coaching programs to help clients put new perspectives and insights to work and keep the momentum going.


These are a few of Chris’s most requested programs. He tailors each for maximum audience relevance and impact.
Most programs are available as keynotes, masterclasses, and ongoing training.

Influence Customer Behavior Without Feeling Gross

A Powerful Step-by-Step System for Motivating Buying Behavior

High-pressure, coercive selling is outdated and ineffective. With plenty of other options at their fingertips, customers know they are in control. One bad experience is all it takes to lose their business forever. But that doesn’t mean you have to be passive.

Customer-centric selling isn’t just about catering to customers. In fact, the most successful customer-centric strategies actively shape purchase decisions and behavior to create wins for sellers and buyers alike.

In this interactive training program, Dr. Chris will guide you through his step-by-step process for creating powerful strategies that will influence the purchase decisions and buying behavior of your target consumers. This proven approach employs motivational and behavioral psychology, shopper insights, and empathy to help you think like a customer, engage authentically, and deliver business-building results.

Anyone involved in sales and marketing will benefit from this proven psychology-based system Chris has honed through decades of working with many of the world’s most respected brands and retailers.

Available for speaking engagements, masterclasses, and training programs.


Unlock Your Business Potential by Understanding The Minds of Your Consumers

In today’s marketplace, it’s no longer enough to think ABOUT your consumer. To compete and win, you’ve got to think LIKE your consumer.

In this thought-provoking program, Chris helps audiences do just that by introducing key principles of consumer psychology and their impact on decision-making and purchase behavior. Through engaging experiences, enlightening examples, and compelling stories, he demonstrates how factors such as attention, motivation, emotion, and biases can positively or negatively affect sales and marketing effectiveness.

And before Chris leaves the stage, he shares strategies audiences can actually use to improve their effectiveness in attracting, engaging, and motivating customers to buy now.

Myth-Busting Consumer Psychology

Don't let misinformation sabotage your sales and marketing strategies!

Today’s consumers have shorter attention spans than goldfish — fact or myth?

Sales and marketing efforts based on faulty psychology can lead to costly missteps. Creating breakthrough strategies and communications that consistently get results starts with an honest assessment of the knowledge, insights, and beliefs they are based on.

In this provocative presentation and discussion, Chris challenges common assumptions and helps audiences update their understanding of consumers and their behavior in today’s marketplace. He shares current perspectives in neuroscience and psychology, as well as three decades of experience as a pioneering consumer psychologist, to debunk common misperceptions.

Audiences will leave this session with new perspectives and practical next steps for applying a myth-busting mindset to prevent misinformation and biases from sabotaging the success of their sales and marketing efforts.

Available for speaking engagements, masterclasses, and training programs.

Harnessing The Power Of Observation

Super-charge Your Sales By Noticing What Others Miss

The ability to stand out and attract interest is a huge strategic advantage for any brand. But, differentiating your brand in today’s crowded marketplace can be a very difficult challenge. So, what can savvy brands do to separate themselves in the minds of potential customers? How can they establish themselves as uniquely appealing, memorable, helpful, or irresistible to their ideal customers?

Whether your organization is just beginning to develop customer insights or is well-established in data-driven strategy, the power of keen observation can give you a compelling competitive edge in the marketplace by strengthening customer relationships, fueling successful innovation, and adding unique customer value. In this fun and interactive program, Dr. Chris will show you how.

Available for speaking engagements, masterclasses, and training programs.

Can't Decide?

The good news is you don’t have to!

Chris is very experienced in customizing content to create the most significant impact for any audience. Whether you are looking for a combination of topics in a single presentation or a mix of different formats (e.g., keynotes, breakout sessions, or masterclasses) in the same event, we can make it work.

Let’s put our heads together to customize a specific, psychology-based program for your group.

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Chris is a master of digging deep into shoppers’ psychological motivations and behaviors. He is extremely passionate about studying and understanding shoppers – and the passion is contagious. Chris is a valued mentor and inspiring speaker – balancing the academic with the practical.

— Maggie Heile, SVP Marketing Professional

Dr. Gray has truly been an inspiration for me and countless others. He is a force of nature in what he does and a key differentiator for any organization or client lucky enough to have him. I still use things I learned from working with Chris with great dividends.

— Alex Shipps, VP Advantage Solutions