Dr. Chris Has Been A Pioneering Expert In Consumer Psychology And Purchase Behavior For Three Decades.

Chris’s deep expertise in clinical psychology makes him credible.
His long history with sales and retail makes him relatable.
His vast experience in marketing makes his advice actionable.

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Chris’ ability to translate in-depth psychological principles into actionable consumer insights and behavioral strategies has inspired audiences of all sizes worldwide.

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Dr. Chris is an experienced media commentator who is able to offer credible and entertaining commentary on current insights, research, and trends related to shopper psychology, consumer behavior, the future of retail, and sales and marketing strategy.

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Influence Customer Behavior Without Feeling Gross™.

Engage consumers more persuasively
Adapt to changing behavior more quickly
Anticipate consumer needs more accurately
Innovate more profitably
Overcome purchase barriers more effectively
Uncover new growth opportunities more succsessfully

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"Dr. Gray's unique understanding of consumer psychology, and his ability to distill the complexities of buying behavior into simple, actionable insights is beyond just a skill - it's a gift."

— Andrew Goldberg, Shopper Marketing, Nestle

"What makes Chris special is the way he combines his sharp mind with real-world experience to produce actionable insights. His input has helped us to develop truly visionary and human-centric future store concepts."

— Alexander Kovrigin, Exec. Strategy Director, Grabarz JMP

The better you understand the mind of your customer, the more effectively you will engage,
and the more you will sell.

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Understand the mind of your customer and supercharge your growth! Upgrade your strategic know-how, foster innovation, elevate consumer engagement, and have fun, too. We'll apply real-world psychology, thought-provoking discussion, and creative problem-solving to develop actionable insights and next steps.


Make your next event engaging and thought-provoking, whether in-person or virtual. Chris will inspire your audience with real-world psychology, insights, and approaches you can actually use to elevate customer engagement, influence purchase behavior, and achieve business results.


Amplify the power of your innovation, marketing, and sales strategies. Chris is a true expert in applying real-world psychology to uncover new opportunities, innovate effectively, and develop engagement strategies that get results. Whether designing or participating in brainstorming events or consulting on specific initiatives, Chris will put his insights and enthusiasm to work for you.


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