Chris on the Psychology of Conspicuous Consumption and Quiet Luxury


Chris was recently interviewed for a featured article in the Robin Report, which examines the tension between conspicuous consumption and the quiet luxury trend for high-end brands and their consumers.

… identity has both intrinsic (self-expression) and extrinsic (status) components. As Chris Gray, the Buycologist, says, “Luxury purchasing is an interplay of status and self-expression, not either/or, but both. The brands you buy reinforce your sense of self within different social contexts and situations. Nobody will look down on you for buying something for quality. Unlike status, quality is the one people will fess up to.”

The article continues with a fascinating exploration of underlying psychological factors influencing how consumers perceive, purchase, and respond to luxury goods. These insights are valuable to any brand or marketer promoting products consumers associate with self-expression, identity formation, or social status. You can read the entire article HERE.